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New Board Members For Fort Wayne Trails, Inc.

The Board of Directors of Fort Wayne Trails, Inc. announce the 2021 class of board members and 2019 officers, recently elected.

Board Members elected to the class of 2021 include:

Amy Houston, General Motors & United Autoworkers Local 2209 (UAW)

Robin Strasser, Fort Wayne-Allen County Airport Authority

Anthony Juliano, Asher Agency

Tim Hall, Fort Wayne Outfitters/ Halls Restaurants

Kristi Abel, 21st Century Bradley

Matt Lehn, Vibra Hospital

Rhonda Breischaft, Community Leader

In addition, the 2019 Elected Officers are as follows:

Board Chair: Marty Pastura, YMCA of Greater Fort Wayne

Vice Chair: Anthony Juliano, Asher Agency

Board Secretary: Rhonda Breischaft, Community Volunteer

Board Treasurer: Brian Schackow, Fort Wayne TinCaps

Board Past Chair: Paul Lagemann, Clean Fuels National