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Cyclone Social To Host Social Media Master Class

Cyclone Social, the areas premiere social media marketing firm is opening its doors for a Social Media Master Class on Wednesday, May 16, from 8am – 5pm at The Philmore on Broadway, 2441 Broadway, Fort Wayne, IN 46807. Learn tactics and strategies that have led to millions of dollars in sales during a day-long master class. Spend the day learning from, mingling with, and asking questions of Cyclone Social’s team of industry experts covering the topics of advertising, creative, community management, and brand advocacy. The cost is $500 for the entire day or $175 per topic ala carte’.

Advertising (8:30am – 10:00am):

One of the most powerful parts of social media is in the data gathered and owned by these companies. The creepiest thing about social media is that these platforms know everything about you, but that is also the most beneficial thing when it comes to marketing. Using social media advertising platforms, you can target moms in 46804 and 46814 who have kids between the age of 4 – 13 years old, who own a Honda Accord, who have bought a product online in the last 30 days, and who like to drink Diet Coke. (Yes, that was a random audience, but it highlights how specific your ads can be). Cyclone Social’s specialists will work with you on developing your company’s sales funnel and walk you through the details of the advertising platforms to maximize your paid-media strategy. Cyclone Social has used ads to effectively drive millions of dollars of sales for clients and will absolutely share these same strategies with you and your business!

Creative (10:30am – 12pm):

Learn the ins and outs of creating stunning and engaging content while following the lifeline narrative of your brand. Everyone can find a photographer or videographer to create beautiful content, but how do you truly engage with your customer and tell your brand stories day in and day out? Cyclone Social will share with you some of our favorite storytelling tactics while sitting you down in front of some of our company’s leading creative experts to teach you how to create compelling content through photos, videos, and design. No, you do not need to be an artist, you need to be willing to learn!

Lunch (12:00pm – 1:00pm):

During the lunch hour, we will spend time working on some of your actual social media accounts with the help of Cyclone Social team members. Sit at lunch with Cyclone Social team members, ask questions, work in small groups, discuss strategies and ideas, etc.

Community Management (1:00pm – 2:30pm):

Great content is wonderful, but posting great content at the wrong time or on the wrong platform can absolutely ruin your content’s potential. Community management is all about the three T’s of posting: Times, Trends, and Traction. Analytics are extremely important when it comes to social media success. This session will teach you the ins and outs of social media management, how to navigate the analytics and audience data of your platforms, and how to maximize your daily posting schedules. Cyclone Social will invite you to try some of our agency tools and take a peek under the hood of how we leverage social media insights to maximize our content planning and posting strategies.

Brand Advocacy (3:00pm – 4:30pm):

One of the greatest things about social media is that you can engage with real people at all times via your channels. Brand advocacy is broken down into three major areas: response and engagement, influencer and micro-influencer marketing, and PR/earned media. Cyclone Social’s team will share with you our strategies for engaging with influencers, earning media exposure, managing social media conversations, identifying keywords and hashtags, and building online relationships that bolster your brand. Imagine having a conversation with every person who is actively talking about your company, your competitors, and your service offerings – we will teach you exactly how to dominate this strategy on social media.

Social media is not a complex machine, but a tool to help you maximize your business results. It’s not rocket science, it’s social media. The key to social media success has nothing to do with the platforms themselves, but more to do with the strategies you implement to lead to success.

In order to gain positive results in social media, you really need to look at four major categories of social media management: Creative, Community Management, Brand Advocacy, and Advertising. If you can master these four areas of social media marketing, you and your company will absolutely find amazing success!

Spots are filling fast, so be sure to register by Monday, May 14 or search Eventbrite: A Social Media Master Class: by Cyclone Social. This event is sponsored by: Old National Bank.