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Residential-friendly Dumpsters Designed With Homeowners’ Needs In Mind

While the ongoing struggle to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic has cancelled or altered summer vacation plans for many families, more time at home has also created an opportunity for homeowners to complete home and yard improvement projects that they may have been putting off. Part of the planning for these projects is to decide if it makes sense to rent a dumpster to manage trash, debris, or junk removal. The residential dumpster professionals at Bin There Dump That of Fort Wayne, owned by local entrepreneur Mike Weingartner, says that, in many cases, the answer is yes.

“Homeowners may think of dumpsters as bulky, unsightly metal bins that are just way too big for a simple home or yard improvement project,” says Mike Weingartner of Bin There Dump That of Fort Wayne. “The truth is that residential dumpsters like ours may take up as little space as a minivan. They are clean and presentable, easy to maneuver into tight spaces under utility lines and even basketball hoops, and easy to access with full length doors that mean you don’t need to lift heavy items over the side. They are the perfect quick and easy hauling solution for junk and waste removal or disposal of construction debris, saving homeowners numerous trips to – and long waits in line at – their local landfill or transfer station.”

Ready to tackle that clean-up or renovation project? Mike offers the following tips to help homeowners avoid common residential dumpster mistakes:

1. No Hazardous Materials!

Tossing any of the following items in your dumpster will result in additional costs: motor oil, gasoline, household cleaning chemicals or pesticides, propane tanks, batteries, old paint, fluorescent light bulbs, tires or aerosol cans.

2. Plan dumpster placement carefully.

Pick a spot that allows you to come and go in your car, that doesn’t block doors or restrict your neighbors’ access to the sidewalk or view of the street, and that leaves enough room to load large items through the walk-in dumpster doors.

3. Minimize property damage.

Think about how you’ll access your dumpster. Lay down boards to protect your lawn; don’t create the need to walk around – or through – your favorite flower bed.

4. Choose the right surface to hold your dumpster.

Paved, flat driveways are great. Sloped driveways, your neighbor’s property, your yard over your septic tank or sprinkler system are not so great. Depend on the experience and guidance of your residential dumpster professional to help you plan the perfect placement.

5. Choose the right residential waste disposal solution.

Soft-sided disposal container “bags” may seem less intrusive and easier to use, but in fact they are neither. They are small (three yards), floppy, and awkward to load. They also must be placed five feet away from structures or vehicles, have at least 18 feet of vertical clearance, and be clear of overhead wires, trees or structures to allow pick-up by crane when the job is complete. Residential dumpsters, by contrast, are available in a variety of sizes ranging from four to 20 yards, have heavy-duty metal sides for easy loading, and can be safely placed in a convenient spot on your property.

6. Control costs by timing your project carefully.

If your project takes longer than expected, you’ll incur additional rental fees.

7. Do some prep work before your dumpster arrives.

Dumpsters are not décor, so think quality, not quantity, when it comes to the time your dumpster will be at your property. Consolidate the items you plan to toss in the dumpster into one convenient spot, close to where your dumpster will sit. Don’t block access to items you need to get to while the dumpster is there – like lawnmowers, toolboxes, kids’ bikes and toys.

“Residential dumpsters are a far cry from the typical image homeowners have of a ‘dumpster’,” says Mike. “They are designed with home and yard improvement project clean-up in mind and offer flexibility in size, access, placement, and planning. In addition, at a time when social distancing is still a consideration, dumpster scheduling, including delivery and pick-up, is handled via phone or online, meaning there is no face-to-face interaction with the property owner. Now, more than ever, residential dumpsters are the perfect waste hauling solution for jobs big and small.”

Bin There Dump That is the Residential Friendly Dumpster company, providing dumpsters ranging in capacity up to twenty yards to accommodate a wide variety of residential projects from simple clean-ups to major renovations. To learn more about renting a dumpster, or to discuss a project with a Bin There Dump That dumpster consultant, please contact Bin There Dump That of Fort Wayne at (260) 409-6423 or fortwayne. For more dumpster planning tips, or to learn more about Bin There Dump That, please visit

Bin There Dump That is North America`s leading residential friendly dumpster company, founded in 2002 by Mark Crossett. Mark teamed up with That Franchise Group in 2004 to begin franchising in North America. The franchise has since grown to almost 180 territories across the United States and Canada. Known for its appealing bright green bins and residential friendly service, it is unrivaled in the industry. For more information about Bin There Dump That and our business opportunities, please visit or call 905-582-1234.