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BBB Feeding The Front Lines Heading To Lake County

The Better Business Bureau Serving Northern Indiana will deliver meals to hospitals in Lake County beginning Wednesday evening. Deliveries will continue throughout the weekend. The effort, part of BBB’s Feeding the Front Lines campaign, seeks to deliver meals to frontline healthcare workers in the BBB’s 23-county Northern Indiana service area.

“From ER doctors and nurses to respiratory therapists and other support personnel, the staff of our area hospitals are in an epic healthcare battle the likes of which haven’t been seen in the US for nearly a century,” said Marjorie Stephens, President and CEO of BBB Serving Northern Indiana. “BBB wants to make sure these healthcare heroes don’t have to worry about finding meals.”

BBB Feeding the Front Lines plans to coordinate the delivery of 165 meals to seven emergency departments within Lake County with the help of local restaurants and delivery services near each facility. Hospitals receiving deliveries include: St. Margaret’s Health (Hammond), Community Hospital (Munster), St. Catherine’s (East Chicago), Franciscan Health (Dyer and Crown Point), Methodist Hospital (Merrillville and Gary).

With community support, BBB can deliver high quality meals to area hospitals throughout Northern Indiana to boost energy and morale. BBB will continue delivering meals in the hardest-hit counties, including Lake, Allen, Porter and St. Joseph. More than 150 meals were delivered in Allen County last week and BBB will focus efforts on Porter and St. Joseph county hospitals next week.

Each donation is a win/win: Local health care heroes get a much-needed meal AND local restaurants that are, likely, feeling the pinch of the Coronavirus receive much-needed business.

For more information or to make a donation, visit the BBB Serving Northern Indiana’s #BBBFeedingtheFrontLines GoFundMe.

“Whether working in the ER or someplace else, we appreciate every healthcare hero on the front line,” Stephens said.”