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Rudisill/ Broadway Closure Begins

Work to protect our rivers from Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) is underway throughout the City, and next week a new phase to protect the St. Marys, near Foster Park, will begin. To accommodate the construction of a consolidation sewer the intersection of Rudisill Boulevard and Broadway will close beginning Monday, July 8, 2019. Motorists approaching Broadway from Bluffton Road will only be able to turn north. The closure is expected to be in place for up to ten months.

Because this is a significant intersection that connects to multiple parts of the City, two detour routes will be in place. Thru traffic, those who use the intersection to connect to southwest Fort Wayne, Waynedale or US 27, are encouraged to avoid the area altogether. Signs for the thru traffic detour will be at, Taylor Street, Clinton Street, Covington Road, Engle Road, Bluffton Road, Lower Huntington Road, Tillman Road and US 27/Lafayette Street. (See attached map)

For those motorists who live or are doing business in the area, a local detour route will include Broadway and Creighton and Fairfield Avenue. (See attached map) Foster Park will remain open, but will only be accessible from the south.

City Utilities asks that motorists allow extra time when traveling through the area and observe detour and speed limit signs.

A consolidation sewer is a near-surface sewer that collects or consolidates the flow from existing sewer pipes, and at this location will convey the flow to the Three Rivers Protection and Overflow Tunnel (3RPORT). The consolidation pipes that will be constructed at Rudisill and Broadway will collect combined sewage (sanitary and stormwater) from a 126-inch pipe under Rudisill and a 30-inch pipe that comes in from the south to this intersection.

The consolidation sewer is an essential project in efforts to protect our rivers. This location is the most significant CSO point within the City’s river system. An average of 392 million gallons of combined sewage is dumped into the St. Marys at this location, each year.

Residents can find more information and updates about the Rudisill Consolidation Sewer project at