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Mental Health Focussed Grant And Get Schooled Tour Announcement

RemedyLIVE is excited to announce a major staff addition to its Get Schooled Tour program. Mark Chatman has joined the RemedyLIVE team as the new Get Schooled Tour Director with the goal of taking this school assembly program to the next level to serve more schools throughout the United States in the years to come.

Mark Chatman is from Flint, Michigan and has a personal and powerful message of hope, faith, and restoration. As a child, Mark was separated from his birth family and placed in foster care at the age of seven. After being moved through over thirty foster homes, between the ages of seven to twelve, he was finally adopted into what he affectionately calls his “forever family.”

Mark is fueled by a passion to help others discover, tap into, and release their potential. He has embraced his history and remains undaunted by his flaws, failures, or successes when it comes to inspiring hope in children and parents alike, who are struggling to create and rebuild their families.

For those just hearing about RemedyLIVE, we are a 24-hour chat center and have been serving Northeast Indiana for the past 12 years with the desire to let those struggling with mental illness know they’re not alone. Since the beginning, The Lutheran Foundation has been a major part of the RemedyLIVE team. In the past four years, they’ve given $1.5 million to RemedyLIVE because of the common passion to help people in Northeast Indiana know that there’s a strong network of care for people struggling with mental health issues.

The funding from The Lutheran Foundation has allowed RemedyLIVE the privilege of serving its clients and the struggles they face. Through the discreet exchange of a text message to 494949 or a web chat at, bridges of trust have been built to help clients find solutions to the struggles they were facing. In 2018, there were 58,491 conversations had between the staff of “SoulMedics” and the 17,930 clients that engaged RemedyLIVE’s services.

To add to the services offered to the community, The Lutheran Foundation and RemedyLIVE began partnering in 2016 to offer the Get Schooled Tour. It is a one hour, interactive, public school assembly program that helps educate students about mental health and the network of care that surrounds them. To date, over 90,000 Northeast Indiana teens have participated in the program with over 150 assemblies in the past three years. During these events, and through RemedyLIVE’s proprietary polling software, we’ve learned that 65% of Northeast Indiana students know someone who struggles with thoughts of suicide. We’ve also learned that 1 in 3 students have seriously considered suicide themselves over the past year.

The Get Schooled Tour partners with the Bowen Center to provide mental health experts to meet with students after the assembly to talk about whatever secret struggle they may be dealing with. To date, over 4,000 students have taken advantage of the Bowen Center’s team to discuss what they’re going through.

RemedyLIVE is a faith-based 501c3 not-for-profit that engages youth in meaningful conversations as a next step towards Christ.