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1 Mile Alley Milestone

Mayor Tom Henry today joined elected officials and residents of the Hamilton Neighborhood Association to celebrate the completion of 1-mile of alley reconstruction work.

Funding for alley repair wasn’t available until this year after City Council approved an adjustment in the local income tax to go toward alley, sidewalk and riverfront improvements.

“I’m encouraged by the progress we’re making to address neighborhood infrastructure needs,” said Mayor Henry. “Having a dedicated funding source to make improvements to alleys throughout Fort Wayne sends a clear message that we care about and are committed to ensuring we have strong and thriving neighborhoods. We know that neighborhoods are the backbone of our community and we must make investments that will have a lasting impact.”

The alley between Third and Fourth streets and Franklin and Schilling avenues improved an alley that had deep, warn-away to dirt and gravel ruts in several locations, making it difficult for vehicles to maneuver. The reconstruction for this means 1.2 miles of alley reconstruction is complete this year, and another two miles is under construction with the completion to come later in the year.

“Alleys offer important access for residents to the rear of their property and parking of their vehicle. During portions of the reconstruction, the alley closed to residents, and I know that presented some challenges for the neighborhood. We appreciate residents being patient as the project was underway,” said Shan Gunawardena, Director of the Public Works Division for the City of Fort Wayne.

Neighborhood alley improvements fit well within Mayor Henry’s commitment to strengthen neighborhoods. Signs of neighborhood improvements are visible throughout the community.

A record $30 million is being invested this year for road, sidewalk and trail enhancements, and there’s been a total of $130 million of neigbhorhood improvements over the past five years.

Completed concrete alley reconstruction thru August 20, 2018

*Spatz Ave. and Gaywood Dr. from E. Pettit to McKinnie avenues

*Warsaw and S. Monroe streets from E. Maplegrove Ave. to E. Sherwood Terrace

*Fairfield and Hoagland avenues from Kinnaird to W. Wildwood avenues

*Hoagland Ave. and Shawnee Dr. from W. Wildwood Ave. to Leith St.

*Webster and S. Harrison streets from E. Wildwood Ave. to Killea St.

*Hugh and Eliza streets from Francis to Ohio streets

*Winter and Lillie streets from Lewis to Hayden streets

*W. Fourth and Third streets from Schilling to Franklin avenues

Alleys currently under construction

*Weisser Park Ave. and South Park Dr. from E. Pettit to Congress avenues

*Central and Plaza drives from McKee to Pontiac streets

*W. Packard and Kinnaird avenues from Beaver to S. Wayne avenues

*Kinnaird and W. Wildwood avenues from Beaver to S. Wayne avenues

*Home Ave. and Beechwood Dr. from S. Wayne Ave. to dead end

*Webster and S. Harrison streets from E. Wildwood Ave. to Killea St.

*Lewis and Hugh streets from Francis to Chute Street

*Oakland St. and Andrew streets from Spring to Fourth streets

*Oakland St. and Sherman Blvd. from Greenlawn to Archer avenues

*Kentucky and Crescent avenues from State Blvd. to Nevada Ave.

Alleys currently in design

*Lillie St. and S. Anthony Blvd. from Alliger to Hayden streets

*W. Packard Ave. and Kinnaird Ave. from Indiana Ave. to South Wayne Ave.