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New Business Offers Clutter Coaching And Consulting

Fort Wayne entrepreneur Karin Dees says she has personally witnessed the destructive impact that clutter can have on a person’s life. As a home organizer, she has seen individuals paralyzed by the lack of order and purpose in their lives that manifests itself in clutter, and the stagnation that comes from living in such an unintentional environment. Dees says that this state of “home-mind-life” correlation is the heartbeat behind her new business, Zephyr Home Organizing, LLC, which specializes in clutter coaching and consulting.

Clutter coaching and consulting, she explains, is not just de-cluttering, cleaning and organizing a home; rather, it’s getting to the root of the problem and overcoming it. Her goal is to help her customers understand where clutter comes from and how to permanently eliminate it.

Dees says she is passionate about working alongside customers who want to conquer their cluttering impulses so they can take charge of their lives and maintain a neater and less stressful lifestyle long term. She commented that while she is more than happy to work with the same customer multiple times, her ultimate goal is not to have “repeat” customers as a reflection that her coaching has been truly effective.

After an initial consultation to help determine her customer’s needs, Dees works with the individual through a multi-step process to cultivate a clutter-free existence. The steps involved include imagining and establishing a vision for the household, taking an inventory of and evaluating possessions, illuminating and exposing those unnecessary items masquerading as “needs,” identifying and eliminating excess items, and instilling and enforcing order and maintenance.