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Georgetown Entertainment Takes Bowling and Family Entertainment to the Next Level

If you’re bowling shoes are dying to see some action, or if you’re excited to have something new to do on the Northeast side of town, you need to check out the new Georgetown Entertainment, located at 6770 E. State Blvd in Georgetown Square. It’s the same location as the previous tenant, Georgetown Bowl, but it’s got a new face, new ownership, and a new attitude!

So, is it a bowling alley, arcade, restaurant, or a sports bar?

While it is definitely all of the above, the arcade area, known as The Dugout, really puts the entertainment in this 35,000 square foot full service fun zone. With over 70 attractions including 65 player stations, an augmented rock wall and a 4D coaster-esque shooter game. From the classics to today’s top rated game titles, this gamer playground rivals vintage arcade hotspots of the 80s and 90s.

The feature attraction is a 4D Dark Ride Theater, one of only 150 in the world, which is an immersive ride that simulates a roller coaster. The biggest difference being in this interactive version, one is constantly under attack from zombies and werewolves which must be fended off with your blaster!

The augmented rock wall, one of only 10 in the U.S., combines body tracking technology and projected graphics for a truly unique rock climbing experience.

Indoor Spin Zone bumper cars offers a chance to bump into your buddies, take them for a ride, or maybe just spin around uncontrollably.

In addition to those, other games include: Star Wars, Cruis’n Blast, Fast and Furious Super Bikes, Terminator Salvation, Time Crisis 4 and about 60 more!

The Dugout also features a large redemption center where tickets can be redeemed for prizes. The entire arcade is “green” meaning all arcade cash is loaded onto a gamer card and earned tickets are placed electronically onto the card as well. Most games and attractions range from .50-$3 with the average being about $1.50, and on Wednesdays all games are half price from 5pm – 11pm.

“Our goal is really to provide entertainment for everybody all in one place,” said VP of Operations Collin Kerschner. “So regardless of your age, your interest, we’re trying to have something for everyone all under one roof. So the whole family can get together, they can make memories and have a good time.”

If you haven’t experienced Georgetown Entertainment yet, you’re missing out. It’s great family fun at an affordable price. Bowl. Eat. Play.