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United Performing Arts To Lease Space At Ivy Tech Northeast

Beginning this semester, Unity Performing Arts Foundation Inc. will lease a block of rooms at Ivy Tech Community College Northeast. The rooms, located on Coliseum Campus (3800 N. Anthony Blvd., Fort Wayne), will serve as reception, office, storage, and practice space for Voices of Unity, the foundation’s youth choral program.

Through the partnership, Unity will be able to launch its youth development and leadership program, the United Arts Institute at the College. Programing will be varied, including the following:

Artistic programming

1. Choral music

2. Creative writing

3. Oratory

4. Dance

5. Drama

6. Instrumental

Artistic training (Unity Arts Institute)

1. Vocal lessons

2. Writing classes

3. Speech classes

3. Dance lessons

4. Acting classes

5. Instrumental lessons

Youth development and leadership training programs

1. Building character class

2. Communication and leadership training

3. Empowerment weekend, which will provide exposure to various professions

4. Empowerment classes featuring guest speakers and instructors

5. Summer Training Institute, featuring short-term classes in computer technology, database design, digital audio and video, photography and graphic design, and sound production

6. Health and wellness classes

7. College and career preparation classes for high school students

“The capital campaign began with a mission to create a new partnership with an educational institution in Fort Wayne, Ivy Tech Community College Northeast,” says Marshall White, founder and CEO of Unity Performing Arts. “Unity’s space at Ivy Tech Northeast will be independent, and we are excited about the possibilities that can be realized.”

This partnership will allow Unity to expand its artistic and youth development programming, exposing more community members to the foundation’s acclaimed artistic presentations. It also gives the College an opportunity to support important community performing arts work.

“The Voices of Unity choir provides an opportunity to see what happens when character, dedication, and determination come together with a desire for excellence,” Ivy Tech Northeast Chancellor Jerrilee Mosier says. “These are traits and experiences will serve these young people for the rest of their lives. Ivy Tech Northeast is pleased to serve as a partner of Voices of Unity in providing this life-changing impact.”02/06/17