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Bishop Luers Senior Hanna Rhoden Receives Philip And Katherine Bail Award

Hanna Rhoden, a senior at Bishop Luers High School, was the 2016-2017 recipient of the Philip and Katherine Bail Award. She was recognized and presented the award during the Honor Awards Ceremony on Friday, Sept. 9. The award recognizes Rhoden as a personal achievement scholar.

The award is presented to a senior student who possesses outstanding moral character, who strives to perform to the highest levels of his or her God-given talents, and who does not allow adversity to define or limit the constructive pursuit of his or her dreams.

Students who apply for the scholarship provide a one-page essay describing why they show be awarded the scholarship. This essay describes their personal circumstances overcome and how the student has explored many academic and extracurricular opportunities offered by Bishop Luers and how they have given themselves to Bishop Luers and the greater Fort Wayne community.