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Flooding Update

The St. Marys River continues a slow rise and with rain in the forecast City crews will continue monitoring and working in neighborhoods with high water.

· Sand remains available to residents who need to take it to protect their property. The sand and empty bags are available but residents will need a shovel to fill the bags. Sand is located at Portage Middle School, 3521 Taylor Street, and at the Southwest Conservation Club, 5703 Bluffton Road.

· Crews completed construction of an earthen levee to reinforce the existing levee in the Bradbury/Prairie Grove/Broadripple area. Water levels in the Fairfield Ditch have been slowly dropping since midnight.

· Crews completed construction of a clay dike at the intersection of Thieme Drive and Berry Street in the West Central Neighborhood. The dike is holding back additional water to the area.

· Crews completed the construction of a clay dike at Tillman Road and Calhoun. The St. Marys River level is creeping up and river is nearing spill elevation. At this hour there is no flooding outside of the roadway.

· Our thanks to the more than 30 volunteers who helped with sandbagging efforts in the Belle Vista neighborhood. Water levels in the Fairfield Ditch have been slowly dropping since midnight. At this hour we are not asking for additional volunteers.

· 22 pumps were operational through the night in neighborhoods throughout the City.

· Public Works and City Utilities staff worked 12 hour shifts to keep flood fighting efforts a 24-hour operation.

Current road closures: 5:00am
· Tillman Road – From Lower Huntington to Calhoun Street
· North River Road – From Maysville Road to Landin Road
· Hanauer Road – From Cook Road to Wallen Road
· Winchester Road – From Shamrock to Airport Expressway
· Nelson @ Berry Street
· Geneva – From Henrietta to Elyetta