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Help Us Plant 550 Trees Oct. 16, 17, 18!

Bring yourself and family to help plant 550 trees at Save Maumee’s 3-Day Tree Planting, commemorating their 15th year of saving the rivers. For months, the group has removed trash, downed-wood and invasive species from their huge new tree planting area to better nurture the native trees being planted. Rain or shine, the event runs Oct. 16, 17 and 18, from 11am to 4pm, at 501 Rose Ave. New Haven, IN 46774.

“After four months of removing invasive species, opening the tree canopy to let in more sunshine, and prepping the space for a new forest, we sure could use some volunteers to help us get all these trees in the ground. This site will help the public to understand how groundwater can be recharged and utilized, even if it has the perception of being a dirty landfill area, which is also known as a brownfield site,” says Abigail King, Save Maumee’s President & Founder, “Shovel-ready projects where everyone can get involved will always provide the most impact for our shared waterways. We are very mindful of the world pandemic and think it is a great place to be outdoors while feeling productive and safe.”

Efforts to plant trees in April for Save Maumee’s 15th Annual Earth Day was derailed by COVID-19, so members simply picked up about 1,500 pounds of trash in April and look forward to planting a lush forest.

“We will be transforming this lowland forest that had only 6 species of trees and lacks variety, into improved habitat which is critical to a functioning ecosystem. We are planting over 40 different tree species to create a productive and diverse forest,” says Lauren Conklin, Save Maumee’s Board of Directors Secretary.

The group asks volunteers to come plant trees and learn about how the plans for this site will be adapted to prepare for climate change in this very special forested wetland. The group will fund this project through a Great Lakes Restoration Initiative grant through the USDA Forest Service and the recent Roaring 20’s World Faire February fundraiser. The USDA Forest Service and Save Maumee are equal opportunity lenders, employers and providers.

“Social distancing is easy outdoors,” laughs Abigail, “plus the benefits of breeze, sunshine, exercise and making new friends will bring health to you as you bring good health to the forest!”

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