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Fort Wayne Riders Participate In Great Cycle Challenge USA

Elizabeth Hoffman and Sara Bai Advany, residents of Fort Wayne, are planning to ride 300 miles and raise $3000 during the month of September for Children’s Cancer Research Fund (CCRF) in support of its 6th annual Great Cycle Challenge USA. Founded in 2015, Great Cycle Challenge USA has grown to become one of the biggest cycling events in the country. In just five years, over 230,000 riders from 50 states have ridden 18 million miles, raising more than $24 million for research and the development of better treatments and cures for childhood cancer. This year, CCRF already has over 100,000 riders who hope to raise $10 million. “Over 15,000 American children are diagnosed with cancer every year and, sadly, 38 children die every week,” said John Hallberg, Chief Executive Officer at Children’s Cancer Research Fund. “Thanks to riders like Elizabeth and Sara, we’re fueling groundbreaking research to save lives and give kids the brighter future they deserve.” This is the fourth time Elizabeth has participated in Great Cycle Challenge, after her first year of participating, her best friend of sixteen years, Sara Bai, joined the challenge with her. Together they have ridden 572 miles and raised $4,456.39. This year, they are aiming to raise $3,000 and ride 300 miles. Funds go to support research at leading pediatric cancer centers across America.

Elizabeth and Sara’s dedication to the CCRF is rooted in a close connection to adults who have fought cancer. Both women have immediate family members who have or are currently fighting their own personal battles with cancer. As Elizabeth says “We’ve seen our adult family members go through all of these harsh treatments, and we just can’t imagine the strength it takes for a child to complete the same therapy. Riding for CCRF

through Great Cycle Challenge USA is just one small way we can help support research into treatments specific to childhood cancer.”

This year they have taken the challenge one step further by being designated the champions, or leaders, of the Fort Wayne Chapter of the GCC. This is a designation given to 200 riders across the United States, with the goal of engaging local communities with the cause.

To learn more about Great Cycle Challenge USA and to make a donation, please visit and To participate in Great Cycle Challenge USA, visit

About Great Cycle Challenge USA: Great Cycle Challenge USA encourages cyclists across the United States to challenge themselves and set their own personal riding goal throughout September to fight kids’ cancer. Riders fundraise to save lives and give kids the brighter future they deserve.

For more information, visit

About Children’s Cancer Research Fund: Children’s Cancer Research Fund invests in groundbreaking research that is leading to better treatments and cures for children with cancer. CCRF also funds vital family support services and advocates for childhood cancer education and awareness. Since 1981, CCRF donors have helped fund research that has revolutionized the way childhood cancer is treated worldwide.

Visit or call 1-888-422-7348 to learn more.