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Blue Jacket Relaunches Career Academy

With unemployment rates at unprecedented levels, Blue Jacket is ready to restart its 2-week Career Academy geared toward helping people with barriers find sustainable employment beginning Monday morning.

The local nonprofit’s first two classes are already at capacity, limiting enrollment to allow for proper social distancing. However, Blue Jacket leadership is expecting higher demand than normal because many people may not be called back to the positions they were working before the shutdown.

“The Blue Jacket Career Academy is about more than ‘getting a job,’” said B. Andrew Lane, the class facilitator. “It’s ultimately about a better life by obtaining the proper tools, using them, and adjusting to your life circumstance. Success usually does not happen overnight and the Career Academy is a great place to start!”

Blue Jacket graduated 218 people from its Career Academy in 2019 and boasts as 80% employment rate.

Blue Jacket, launched in 2005 to provide training and opportunity to any person with a barrier striving to earn gainful employment, provides an intensive soft skill training, in-house transitional employment, and job placement. Blue Jacket will not turn anyone away. They work with anyone with a presenting barrier to employment. Applicants just need to be 18 years or older and have a desire to work.

Because there will be plenty of motivated workers ready to work, Blue Jacket Staffing is offering partnerships with area companies having a hard time calling people back to work.

To learn more about the Career Academy, or to hire through Blue Jacket Staffing, call 260-744-1900 or visit their website at