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Turnstone Offers Virtual Support Services For Local Clients & Community

In response to the shifting routines of citizens in our community and world-wide prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Turnstone Center will continue offering many of its support services to the community and its clients remotely.

Remote support and services will be made possible by Virtual Turnstone operations that encompass a variety of digital approaches that align with the organization’s mission to empower people with disabilities to achieve their highest potential.

“In these uncertain and unprecedented times, we know that our role in our community is more critical now than ever before,” said Mike Mushett, Turnstone CEO. “Our clients and community continue to look to us as a resource for navigating the world around them and connecting them with the services, partners, and resources that ensure their quality of life.”

Following the temporary suspension of Turnstone’s traditional face-to-face programming on services that was effective, March 17, every program area is actively conducting outreach, wellness, and basic need checks directly with Turnstone clients and their caregivers. This communication will happen with all clients at least once a week. More frequent communication is taking place with clients as determined by their individual needs.

Turnstone’s Social Services team is continuing to interact with current clients and community members who contact them, providing referrals and support which include but are not limited to: equipment needs; access to essential needs such as food, financial resources, and transportation; exploration and access to state and federal aid resources, etc.

Any community members who need assistance related to any disability needs are encouraged to contact Kathy Baer, Turnstone’s Director of Social Services, at or (260)969-7637. Every effort is being made to fully respond to individual client needs and community requests, including those specific to the impact of the COVID19, using distance-friendly methods as everyone continues to navigate the rapidly evolving health and social landscape.

Digital resources are also being developed by program staff and will be shared on Turnstone’s website at and social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to broaden the reach of Turnstone’s resources and increase the accessibility of disability-related information for our community. Virtual access will also provide wide-ranging benefits to people across the region by removing transportation barriers and addressing the mental health risks of social isolation.

“Ensuring access to critical resources for children and adults with disabilities has been at the core of Turnstone’s 76-year history and this now requires a rapid evolution of service that our organization is tackling in stride,” said Stasha Carrasquillo, Chief Marketing Officer. “These virtual efforts will provide important support that will serve many today, with increased service capacity and agility looking into the future.”

Information and service-related updates will be posted to

Turnstone leadership will continue to evaluate the situation, heed recommendations from public health officials, and will make a decision to restart traditional programs and services at a later date.