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FWACC Honored By Huntington Humane Society

Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control received an “Outstanding Mentor Award” from the Huntington Humane Society for its work to assist the agency through fundamental changes.

FWACC Director Amy-Jo Sites, Deputy Director Lisa Cain and Operations Manager Laura Rowe accepted the award on behalf of the shelter at Huntington Humane Society’s annual dinner and silent auction held March 10.

In July of 2019 the Huntington shelter invited staff from FWACC to their facility to help with fundamental changes after a complete reorganization. As a leader in current sheltering trends, FWACC was able to assist HHS with best cleaning practices, animal handling skills and operational changes to best fit their community’s needs.

“FWACC spent time with us, gave presentations to us, met with us, answered numerous questions and provided the guidance we needed at a very crucial time,” HHS Board President Tina Feller said. “They are a tireless source of energy and grace. For these reasons and many more, our shelter will forever be grateful.”

After several months of intensive training and mentoring from FWACC, HHS has made significant changes and has made great strides to improve their shelter and better service their community.

“When board members of the Huntington County Humane Society approached us in 2019 for guidance, we felt compelled to assist them in their journey to improve,” FWACC Director Amy-Jo Sites said. “As a shelter, it is our obligation to make sure the decisions and changes made benefit the health and wellness of the animals in our care. We are more than happy to share with other shelters what we are doing to improve and enrich the shelter pets we see. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, we are in this for the same reason and that is for the animals.”