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Indiana Physical Therapy Moves Brooklyn Clinic To Quimby Village

Indiana Physical Therapy (IPT), the premier independent provider of outpatient rehabilitation services, is pleased to announce the move of our Brooklyn Clinic to Quimby Village. The new address is 1726 Bluffton Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46809. It is conveniently located in the Quimby Village Shopping Center next to The Clyde Theater and NAPA Auto Parts.

Indiana Physical Therapy is owned by three practicing physical therapists – Andy Vogel, Dave Kuhn, and Troy Smith. They are dedicated to giving their communities they serve in, the best access to quality care while keeping it convenient and as cost effective as possible. Indiana Physical Therapy is open from 7am to 7pm Monday through Thursday and 7am to 6pm on Fridays. This allows patients access to schedule around work and school schedules. IPT also has a policy to offer appointments to patients within 24 hours but can often accommodate within the same day. Indiana Physical Therapy accepts all insurances including Medicare and Medicaid. Because we are an outpatient company, we are able to negotiate our charges with insurance companies to keep costs low for our patients. Our owners and physical therapists have great relationships with physicians, companies and insurance companies. We also accept patients without a physician referral.

Our new Quimby Village Clinic is 5,000 square feet. This allows us more open gym space for our patients as well as treatment rooms for patients that need a more private setting. We have more parking available that gives easier access for our patients.

As the leading outpatient physical therapy provider in northern Indiana, Indiana Physical Therapy has grown to 19 clinics and continue to make a positive impact in our communities. In addition to providing physical therapy for orthopedic issues, we offer a wide variety of specialty services such as –

Lymphedema Therapy: Our licensed therapists use Comprehensive Decongestive Therapy to reduce the amount of swelling in the affected limb and return the patient back to typical work and life duties.

Vestibular Therapy: Dizziness, vertigo and imbalance are common symptoms that are seen by both a physician and physical therapist. IPT can provide a thorough evaluation to determine the source and provide a customized program to reduce the symptoms and improve balance and walking.

Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapists (COMT): This is a 3 year, post graduate certification where physical therapists use their hands to mobilize soft tissue and to decrease pain and improve range of motion. This certification is used to target responses with the goal of pain management, increased range of motion, reduced soft tissue inflammation, improved mobility or stability and restoration of movement or function. Indiana Physical Therapy has more COMT’s than any other physical therapy group in the country!

Occupational Therapy: OT is a skilled intervention for both children and adults with health conditions that significantly affect their ability to manage their daily lives and need to regain their independence. IPT’s Occupational Therapists use the latest therapeutic techniques to help patients with physical and cognitive deficits to perform the activities of daily living (ADL’s).

Sports Performance Program: The program analyzes each participant’s body function and mechanics for errors, asymmetries, or imbalances in mobility, stability and strength. Once these areas are discovered, a personalized training regimen is developed to start fixing the dysfunction.

As we continue to grow, our patient outcomes will always be our highest priority’ says Dave Kuhn, Owner and Senior Therapist at the new Quimby Village Clinic. ‘We are always listening to our patients and our referral sources to learn how we can improve and make things easier for them.’

IPT has experienced significant growth and expansion since being founded in 1988. IPT has seven clinic locations in Fort Wayne and one each in Angola, Auburn, Bluffton, Columbia City, Decatur, Elkhart, Goshen, Huntington, Indianapolis, Kendallville, New Haven and Warsaw.

For more information about IPT, our newest location, or to schedule an appointment call (260) 209-2464 or visit