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90.3 WBCL Seeks To Raise $1,467,000 In One Week Radio Telethon

WBCL’s yearly SHARE fundraiser is underway. This one-week radio telethon raises the operating budget for WBCL’s network of nine frequencies. The goal is $1,467,000 for 2019. So far over $530,000 has been pledged toward that goal.

A mainstay in Fort Wayne for over 40 years, WBCL partners with its listeners to bring light to the community through uplifting and encouraging music and entertainment. Additionally in 2018, WBCL brought in multiple Christian concerts to Fort Wayne, provided gas and groceries to 100’s of area families, prayed for 1,000’s of prayer requests submitted to the station and partnered with listeners to raise $65,000 to build an Orphan home in Zimbabwe, Africa.

WBCL listener, Lisa, says, “Tragedy struck our family and if not for WBCL providing a way for God to speak to me and heal my heart, I’m afraid I don’t know where I’d be.”

When listeners support WBCL, they make it possible for the station to be there for people like Lisa and others who need it most right here in our community.

During the 5-day fundraiser, donations can be made at, via the WBCL app, by calling 1-877-745-9090.

WBCL staff and volunteers will be on the air and processing phone pledges from 6am to 7pm each day. You are welcome to stop by during those hours for an interview, photo op, video shoot and/or a tour. Please schedule your interview with Tiffany, so that we can be sure the right person is available.

WBCL is a listener-supported, not-for-profit Christian media network owned by Taylor University. The network broadcasts 24/7 at 90.3 FM in Fort Wayne and northeast Indiana; at 89.5 FM in northwest Ohio and southern, lower Michigan; at 88.1 FM in west central Ohio; at 94.7 FM in south central Michigan and northern Indiana; at 106.1 FM in Muncie; at 89.7 FM in Upland, IN; at 97.7 FM in Adrian, MI; at 101.3 in Marion; at 99.5 in Findlay; on the internet at and via the WBCL app.

The mission of WBCL is to communicate God’s redemptive love and truth through captivating media that inform, entertain, challenge, inspire and encourage.