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Honeywell Foundation Receives Grant Award

The Honeywell Foundation has been awarded a $5,000 grant award by the PNC

Charitable Trust Grant Review Committee. The funding derives from the Dr. Louis and Anne B.

Schneider Trust, managed by PNC. The grant award will benefit the Honeywell Foundation’s

Educational Outreach Program, a curriculum-based, multifaceted arts education program that

provides free arts education programming in 14 counties in the northeast region of Indiana.

Teresa Galley, the Honeywell Foundation’s director of education and outreach,

commented, “We sincerely appreciate this generous grant from the Dr. Louis and Anne B.

Schneider Trust, and know it will work hard providing enriching arts education experiences for

students.” The Educational Outreach Program provided approximately 50,000 arts opportunities

to students during the 2017-2018 school year.

This is the second grant award distributed from PNC Charitable Trust to the Honeywell

Foundation. In 2017, a like amount was awarded from the Florence M. and Paul M. Staehl Trust

that was directed to the Eagles Theatre Renovation Project, which is currently underway in

downtown Wabash.

The Honeywell Foundation is a public charity in Wabash, Indiana. The organization and its

venues – Honeywell Center, Honeywell House, Charley Creek Gardens, Dr. Ford Historic Home,

Eagles Theatre, and 13-24 Drive In – provide artistic, social, cultural, and recreational

opportunities for all. For more information about The Honeywell Foundation, please visit