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Local Hot Dog Stand Featured In People Magazine

For all of us local people, we already knew that Fort Wayne’s Famous Coney Island Wiener Stand is in fact, famous. People Magazine just made them famous-er. This month you can check out our own Coney Island in People Magazine, boasting the best coney dogs in the entire Hoosier state!

“Best Hot Dogs In Every State,” is the headline, as People sent experts around the nation in pursuit of finding the most delicious coney dogs in the country. During this excursion, Coney Island stole the spotlight. After being featured in People, the publicity for this famous wiener stand has boomed. It is now featured on thedailymeal.comand various other national food bloggers’ pages. It is safe to say Fort Wayne’s Famous Coney Island Wiener Stand put, not only the Summit City, but the state of Indiana on the coney dog map.

Founded in 1914, this delicious wiener stand has been operated by the same family since 1916. Not only has its Macedonian descendent ownership remained the same, but the original menu has changed very little over the last hundred years. Coney Island keeps their menu simple in order to keep customers coming back. This little shop may only seat 70 people, nonetheless they serve over two thousand hot dogs daily to their loyal customers. This nostalgic wiener stand serves a little bit of history with their hot dogs that are now a hot commodity recognized by the entire nation.