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FWCS Celebrates 3,100 Years Of Service By 113 Retirees

Fort Wayne Community Schools will say good-bye to 113 retirees with more than 3,100 combined years of service at the annual retirement dinner Thursday, May 17.

The district wishes the best to the teachers, bus drivers, classroom assistants, secretaries, administrators and others who dedicated many years to making the lives of children better. The years of service for this year’s group of retirees range from 10 to 48, and the retirees include many veteran educators, who made a significant different in the lives of students over the decades. Some are leaving at the end of the school year, while others are already several months into their retirements.

The following are the retirees FWCS honors for the 2017-18 school year:

Name Position Years of Service
Beverly Wyss Secretary, Holland Elementary 48
Mary Larsen Assistant Principal, FWCS Career Academy 46.5
Janis Carr Fifth-Grade Teacher, Croninger Elementary 46
Sharon Scrogham Secretary, FWCS Career Academy 45
Victoria Williams Special Education Teacher, Indian Village Elementary 44.5
Scott Souers Teacher, Continuing Education 44
Sharon Barnes Social Studies Teacher, Kekionga Middle School 42
Johnnie Grimes Student Support Services Manager, FACE 41.5
Peggy Stephens-Williams P.E./Health Teacher, Northrop High School 41.5
Rebecca Gnau Kindergarten Teacher, Price Elementary 41
David Weber Principal, Arlington Elementary 40.5
Jo Beth Chambers Teacher, Continuing Education 40
Marsha Wagner Special Ed. Teacher, St. Joseph Central Elementary 40
Janet Hefner Kindergarten Teacher, Franke Park Elementary 39.5
John Hester Assistant Principal, South Side High School 38
Kenneth McKillip Teacher, Jefferson Middle School 38
Patricia McMahan Teacher/Facilitator, Special Education 38
Linda Campbell School Assistant, Washington Elementary 37.5
Mary Marks P.E. Teacher, Haley Elementary 37
Roxana Rockwell Physical Therapist, Special Education 36.5
Timothy Martone Fifth-Grade Teacher, Brentwood Elementary 36
Steven Smethers Energy Management Coordinator, Facilities 34
Manju Hayes Assistant Principal, South Side High School 33.5
Jacqueline Brooks Teacher/Facilitator, Special Education 33
Joy Forbes First-Grade Teacher, Indian Village 33
Susan Lothamer Second-Grade Teacher, Shambaugh Elementary 33
Louann Stone Third-Grade Teacher, Indian Village Elementary 33
Deborah Martin Third-Grade Teacher, Weisser Park Elementary 32.5
Warren Binkley Third-Grade Teacher, Northcrest Elementary School 32
Michael Cheviron Science Teacher, Northrop High School 32
Robin Kruse First-Grade Teacher, Maplewood Elementary 32
Robin Pemberton First-Grade Teacher, Weisser Park Elementary 32
Debra Ulmer Kolkman Guidance Counselor, Snider High School 32
Sandra Redmaster Secretary, Ward Education Center 32
Patricia Marsh Secretary, FWCS Career Academy 32
Diann Drayton Special Education Teacher, Shawnee Middle School 31.5
Linda Martin Resource Teacher, Harrison Hill Elementary 31.5
Darlene Yarnelle Nurse, Health and Wellness Services 31.5
John Krinn Music Teacher, Washington Center Elementary 31
Teresa Laur Building Coach, Indian Village Elementary 31
Holly Maranto English Language Learner Teacher, Franke Park Elem. 31
Debra Reichard Secretary, Northrop High School 31
Larry Gerardot Principal, FWCS Career Academy 30.5
Jan Ball Nurse, Health and Wellness Services 30.5
Barbara Trout Exec. Asst./Clerk of Board, Office of Superintendent 30
Blane Ryan Science Teacher, Northrop High School 30
Leeann Thompson Assistant Principal, Snider High School 30
Gerrie Buell School Assistant, Washington Center Elementary 30
Linda Andringa Teacher/Facilitator, Special Education 29
Sandra Feichter-Murphy Music Teacher, Harrison Hill Elementary 29
Meribeth Figel Secretary, North Side High School 29
Margaret Dewey School Assistant, Holland Elementary 29
Julie Kline Network Technician, Special Education 29
Deborah McBride Secretary, Haley Elementary 29
David McCracken Social Studies Teacher, Snider High School 28.5
Shelley Ohneck School Assistant, Brentwood Elementary 28.5
Susan Zimmerman Textbook Inventory Specialist, Warehouse 28.5
Jacalyn Butler First-Grade Teacher, Forest Park Elementary 28
Kathryn Neuenschwander Science Teacher, Northrop High School 27.5
Patricia Ritter Second-Grade Teacher, Irwin Elementary 27.5
Joann Bastress Secretary, Special Education-Psychological Services 27.5
Christine Franks Secretary, South Side High School 27.5
Sarah Dinkel Teacher, Maplewood Elementary 27
Deborah Markiton School Assistant, Glenwood Park Elementary 26.5
Angela Applegate Special Education Teacher, Fairfield Elementary 26
Patricia Ladig Teacher/Facilitator, Special Education 26
Mickey Linn-Cain Special Education Teacher, Wayne High School 26
Deborah Thomas Secretary, FWCS Career Academy 26
Sue Davis Teacher/Facilitator, Special Education 25.5
Penny Atkinson Bus Driver, Transportation 25.5
Gloria Kelly Administrative Assistant, Bunche Montessori ECC 24
Shirley Thomas School Assistant, Weisser Park Elementary 24
Denise Moore Secretary, Harrison Hill Elementary 23.5
Jean Didomenico Second-Grade Teacher, Forest Park Elementary 23
Thresa VanGilder School Assistant, St. Joseph Central Elementary 23
Karen Monroe First-Grade Teacher, Forest Park Elementary 22.5
Brenda Hiatt School Assistant, Waynedale Elementary 22
Christine Smith Art Teacher, Shambaugh Elementary 21
Teresa Vorndran School Assistant, Lincoln Elementary 21
Linda Elliott School Assistant, FWCS Career Academy 21
Diane Castellana Lakeside Cafeteria Manager, Nutrition Services 20
Cheryl Rotruck Spanish Teacher, Jefferson Middle School 20
Barbara Pochodzay Cafeteria Assistant, Nutrition Processing Center 20
Edna Troup School Assistant, Arlington Elementary 19.5
Pamala Crim Special Education Assistant, Shawnee Middle School 19.5
Beverly Doan Secretary, Special Education 19
Christina Mejer First-Grade Teacher, Forest Park Elementary 19
Deborah Clappe Nurse, Health and Wellness Services 19
Marcia Huffman Math Teacher, Blackhawk Middle School 18
Cathy McFadden Teacher, Ward Education Center 18
Kimberly Sands Math/Science Teacher, Miami Middle School 18
Claudia Fields Special Education Assistant, South Side High School 18
Connie Wylie School Assistant, Glenwood Park Elementary 17.5
Dawn Johnson School Assistant, Haley Elementary 17
Jean Klinker Special Education Assistant, Holland Elementary 17
Pamela Harrison Math Teacher, Northwood Middle School 16.5
Ronda Kissling Nurse, Health and Wellness Services 16.5
Glenda Newman Special Ed. Assistant, Memorial Park Middle School 16.5
Cynthia Kaufmann First-Grade Teacher, Harrison Hill Elementary 16
Jeanne Murphy Special Education Assistant, Shambaugh Elementary 16
Carol Anne McMillen First-Grade Teacher, Northcrest Elementary 15.5
Patricia Thompson Secretary, Snider High School 15.5
Nancy Wermuth Teacher, Ward Education Center 15
Jeffrey Heaton Bus Driver, Transportation 15
Peggy Perry Cafeteria Assistant, North Side High School 14
Cheryl Janeway School Assistant, Glenwood Park Elementary 14
Diana Swalley Secretary, South Side High School 13
Dorothy Jordan Secretary, Northrop High School 13
Stella Fikes Cafeteria Assistant, Nutrition Processing Center 11
Sheryl Merchant Textbook Rental Coordinator, Purchasing 10.5
Kay Beemer Nurse, Health and Wellness Services 10