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Essential Health Resource Updated

The St. Joseph Community Health Foundation has released new versions of their Community Health Resource Directories, including an updated website, The Foundation has responded to requests for over 120,000 of the free directories since they produced the first edition in 2005. Providing these directories for free to the public advances the Foundation’s mission of enabling everyone in the Allen County community, regardless of their ability to pay, to connect with quality, affordable health and wellness resources.

“Allen county is blessed with many quality, affordable, health and wellness services. Unfortunately, we hear regularly of individuals who are unaware of how to connect with these resources, health and wellness providers. We are pleased to be able to share these directories for free to help more people get the services they need” said Meg Distler, Executive Director of the St. Joseph Community Health Foundation. Distler continued, “I am especially excited about the new website. It provides our most up-to-date information and includes some new helpful features, such as pictures of facilities, locations on a map, and translation into 12 languages. It is also accessible to anyone with a computer or smartphone.”

These directories are available for free to individuals and organizations. Medical provider’s offices, social service professionals, schools, churches, and others who often serve individuals who are uninsured, under-insured, and low-income clients have advised these are valuable tools to help them direct families and individuals in need of care.