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2nd Annual Second Chances Art Exhibit Held At Fort Wayne Art Museum

On March 31st from 6:00 – 9:00 PM, the Second Chances Art Exhibit and Fundraiser will highlight Fort Wayne residents who have successfully earned their second chance at employment and at life. Thirteen (13) local contemporary artists were paired with thirteen (13) Blue Jacket graduates to create artwork to tell the graduates’ stories of triumph. The Art Exhibit begins March 11th and ends March 31st, the day of the event that will auction off the artwork on display.

Blue Jacket and the Fort Wayne Museum of Art (FWMoA) are partnering to bring to life the 2nd annual Second Chances Art Exhibit. FWMoA is graciously hosting this event, allowing all proceeds from the event to fund the Career Academy (a two-week training program that helps any adult seeking a second chance at employment). Artists develop relationships with their clients in order to tell their stories, a daunting and exhilarating experience. They are commissioned to portray significant life events of those who have fallen and stood back up. They shine a light on success, triumph, and hope regained.

Soul 35 will be providing entertainment with heavy hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar provided by CS3 and the celebrity auctioneer will be Charles Shepard, President and CEO of the FWMoA.

Tickets are available at early bird prices at $10/person until March 19, then rise to $25/person until the day of the event. Discounted couple tickets are offered as well. Tickets are found at: Again, the auction and event occurs on March 31st.

Participating artists are Jared Applegate, Derek Decker, Daniel Dienelt, Mary Klopfer, Jeremy McFarren, Erin Patton, Stephen Perfect, Theoplis Smith, Rebecca Stockert, Karen Thompson, Jerrod Tobias, Deb Washler, and Josef Zimmerman.

Some incredible side stories may take center stage exhibiting the awesome relationships formed between some of the artists and clients. For example, one artist learned of his client’s songwriting ability and is partnering with a local high school where he teaches to produce the music for his song.

Blue Jacket is a 11-year old nonprofit with a mission to provide education, training, and opportunities to any disadvantaged person who is striving to earn a second chance at gainful employment.