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IPFW Presents: iEatLove Seminar In Ft. Wayne, April 2017

Schedule: Three Mondays, April 3rd, 10th, 17th 2017
05:30pm – 07:30pm
$ Early Registration Discount

IPFW Campus
Liberal Arts Bldg Rm 210
2101 E Coliseum Blvd
Fort Wayne, IN 46805

This course is for the non-chef, the homemaker, the business professional, the rigorous academic, the stretched CEO and anyone else who realizes the importance of a dynamic shift in our relation to nourishment, balance and health. Participants of this seminar series will be empowered with knowledge, insights, real experience and practical solutions to the current dilemmas surrounding our relation to food. Explore long lost traditional wisdom on balanced care of our body combined with innovate solutions for future challenges of increased presence of processed foods, GMOs, agrochemicals, refined sugars, degenerative diseases and cancer.

This seminar goes beyond the ‘to eat’ and ‘not to eat’ list found in a book or the short-term fix of the fad diet. Here we ask the big questions and gather the tools for a life style change needed for total body health.

Course fee includes recipes, reference materials and food demonstration samples prepared by the instructor.

Topics Include:
♦ Macrobiotics, Raw Food
♦ Alkaline and Glowing!
♦ Unprocessed Whole Foods
♦ Gut Health: Ancient Traditions
♦ Season Cycles: Cleansing Organs
♦ The 7 Cereals: Plant Protein
♦ Nut Milks
♦ General Detox Habits: Less Dr. Visits
♦ Natural Remedies: The Power of Herbal Infusions and Teas

Class meets three consecutive Mondays, April 3, 10 and 17.

Instructor, Kelsie Murray, is a world traveler and food freedom enthusiast who was born and raised in the bountiful Midwest of America. Kelsie studied international relations and international laws in the Netherlands, focusing on the rights to quality food on a global scale. She gives health empowerment workshops and seminars in different countries in both North and South America, striving to empower others sharing insight and practical skills acquired through personal and direct experience.

Kelsie considers herself a life-long learner and draws inspiration from all corners of life, starting with her own mother, aunts and grandmothers and extending to world renowned thinkers and practitioners such as Rudolf Steiner and Gabriel Cousens. Kelsie is also a university instructor of Culture Studies and Spanish and a Singer in the international duo, KelsiCote. In recent years she completed an intensive phytotherapy course (the use of plants for medicinal healing) in South America, has attended workshops on varying nutritional themes in Europe and strives to learn something new each day.

For more information about her work and passion visit her