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Fort Wayne Fly Fishing Show Set For April 1st

The 2017 Three Rivers Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Show will be held on Saturday April 2nd from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the exhibition hall of the Classic Cafe located at 4832 Hilegas Road in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Food and drinks will be available at the show. This years show will feature a strong focus on warm water fly fishing.
The featured guest seminar presenters are renowned warm water authors, fly tiers and fly fishing experts, Terry and Roxanne Wilson. Their free seminars will focus on two of the warmwater fly fisher’s most popular species, Bluegills and Crappie. Additional free seminars will be presented on pike flies and fly fishing techniques, streamer flies and fly fishing techniques for various warmwater species and more. The information shared at these warmwater seminars will enable the local flyfisher to have a full season of fly fishing success in local waterways.

Twenty five or more expert fly tiers will be demonstrating techniques, tips and maybe a few secrets to tying flies that catch all species of fish available in our local waterways. Fly patterns tied will include flies designed to catch a wide variety of fish including Bass, Bluegill, Crappie, Muskie, Trout, Salmon and Steelhead.

Nineteen vendors including rod and tackle companies, fly shops and guide services will be on hand to answer questions, provide information about the latest innovations in fly fishing tackle, fly fishing techniques, fly fishing destinations and to sell all manner of products for the fly fishing angler.

Both morning and afternoon silent auctions and bucket auctions will be held during the event. Food and drink will be available. A bamboo fly rod will be raffled off at the show as well.

This annual event is again being presented by the Three Rivers Fly Fishing Club. More information about the show or the club and its activities can found on the club’s website at or on facebook at Three Rivers Fly Fishers-Fort Wayne, Indiana.


The Three Rivers Fly Fishing Club was founded twenty one years ago by a group of local fly fishers who wanted to provide educational seminars, promote the preservation of our fishing resources and enjoy the company of other fly fishers in the area. Those goals remain the focus of the clubs mission to this day. The club members feel it is important to bring a fly fishing show to northern Indiana to help raise awareness of the fantastic opportunities to fly fish in our own back yard. The show will serve to assist people interested in getting into the sport for the first time and will also help seasoned fly fishers improve their knowledge and skills. The show will also focus on providing information about the resources available to help fly fishers maximize local fishing opportunities. Fly tying instructors will be on hand to teach children how to tie a beginner fly pattern.

Some of the common myths about fly fishing will be put to rest by attending and learning at the show. Many people think fly fishing is limited to distant trout streams in exotic and expensive locations. This myth can prevent folks who feel naturally drawn to peacefulness, grace and beauty flyfishing from taking those first steps to get involved in the sport. Flyfishing is often the most effective way to catch your favorite local species of fish. Fly fishing is considered by many to be the most engaging and enjoyable way to fish for all local fish species Crappie, Bluegills, Bass and even local apex lake species like Lake Trout or Muskie.

Fly fishers often describe their method of fishing as a meditation on the water. When done correctly, the active meditation aspect of fly fishing provides hours of staying in the moment leading to a feeling of relaxation, calmness and mental clarity.

The Fort Wayne area is fortunate to have a local fly shop, Pro Tackle Outfitters, who can get you started with quality yet inexpensive equipment. Pro Tackle’s Rick Hinton even offers fly casting and fly tying instruction for the beginning flyfisher. The availability of local resources like Pro Tackle Outfitters and the Three Rivers Fishers Club provides easy and supportive access to the exciting sport of fly fishing.

Often the best way to grow with and stay connected to the sport of fly fishing is to have that local support that can be provided by a fly fishing club. The Three Rivers Fly Fishers Club strives to provide this support by hosting single day and weekend fishing outings and monthly meetings and seminars. The seminars provided at the monthly meetings focus on fly fishing skills for all levels of fly anglers. The clubs members skill levels range from absolute beginners to world class fly casters and fly tiers and all levels in between.

Three Rivers Fly Fishers Club members views the fly show as an extension of their mission of providing education and fellowship to those interested in fly fishing. The show can serve to provide an overview of the various aspects of the sport in a single event. Fly fishing is one of the most effective ways to fish local creeks, rivers, ponds, lakes and reservoirs. If your interests go beyond your favorite local fishing spot, the fly show will have vendors available to explain the many opportunities for fly fishing in our neighboring states and regions on a year round basis.

If you are new to fly fishing, this years show will provide a chance to learn a how to effectively fly fish for local fish species or a full year of fishing experiences in a single day event. But, if you are and old hand at the sport, this show will help you catch up on the latest trends, techniques and innovations in the world of fly fishing.