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Block Party For Waynedale Native Whos Been Diagnosed With A Very Rare And Non Curable Disease

Block party for waynedale native whos been diagnosed with a very rare and non curable disease. This block party is a fundraiser to help raise money for medical bills.
Mary Groves 22, (Mawhinney) grew up in the belle vista neighborhood with her parents, brother, and sister. She went is a graduate of Wayne High School. Also just recently got married a little over a year ago (Cody Groves) and is expecting her first child as well.
Mary went into the hospital for some stomach pains and blood in her bowel in August 4th. There they were going to diagnose her with Crohns disease then after a few days of testing they finally diagnosed her with a very rare disease called Atypical HUS. This disease is non-curable and eats away at your kidneys and plays a huge part in your blood as well. There is only 500 cases known in the US.
Now there is a shot that she was able to get (100k every dose) but the shot is just to keep the pain tolerable basically but without this shot she will eventually die. She has had to recieve 8-10 units of blood already, dialysis pretty much every day, nutrients for the her and the baby. Some days are good and some days are bad for her. The baby is 100% great its like he/she has built a barrier.
This fundraiser is a block party on Rosalia drive with a free cookout but asking for donations! There will also be a silent auction, raffle for gift certificates, pull tabs, and a dj! So please come help a waynedale native out!