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HU Receives DuPont Pioneer Grant

Huntington University is pleased to announce that DuPont Pioneer donated $5,000 toward the construction of the Haupert Institute for Agricultural Studies Greenhouse Project as part of the DuPont Pioneer sponsorship program.

“We are grateful to DuPont Pioneer for partnering with us in this student impact project. We look forward to many others following their lead to make this vision a reality,” stated Vince Haupert, vice president for advancement.

Huntington University is seeking to build a new, ground-level greenhouse to meet the growing needs of the Haupert Institute for Agricultural Studies and the Department of Biology. The new greenhouse will feature multiple zones with energy-efficient environmental controls for managing temperature and lighting and will be located adjacent to Dowden Science Hall for easy access from teaching labs and full-day sun exposure.

The proposed greenhouse complements the university’s existing small, east-facing greenhouse. The current greenhouse has already been filled with a permanent living plant collection, and its small size restricts its usefulness to new programs and classes.

“The new greenhouse will meet the teaching needs of ag courses like crop science, plant breeding, and plant pathology, and will provide additional resources for biology courses such as general biology and botany,” said Dr. Raymond Porter, director of the Haupert Institute for Agricultural Studies. “The additional space would allow for student-faculty research involving various plants and treatments. Space for hydroponic/aquaponic systems will enable the growth of plants and fish for teaching and student research. Students will gain experience in basic greenhouse management as well as aquaponics or hydroponics operations.”

Launched in the fall of 2014, the Haupert Institute for Agricultural Studies at Huntington University promotes a Christian perspective on agriculture, which recognizes a responsibility to be good stewards of God’s creation and to examine questions of sustainability and justice. The program is intended to meet the growing need for agribusiness innovation and entrepreneurship, communication and public policy, crop.