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Embracing Our Trails

It’s clear that our growing trail network is adding to the quality of life in Fort Wayne and residents are flocking to our trails in record numbers. For the second month in a row trail usage saw historically high usage. Our infrared trail counters recorded 66,858 walkers, joggers and cyclists in the month of July.

That mark is 22,000 more than July of 2015 when 44,729 residents used the trails. The July count is just down from this year’s June count, which had an all-time monthly high of 73,226 users.

“It’s thrilling to see more residents using our trails. Nearly every day we hear from new users about how much they love our trails. With the increased usage it’s a good idea to review our trail rules that keep us safe and keep the trails tidy,” said Dawn Ritchie, Director of Greenways and Trails for the City of Fort Wayne.

Trail Rules & Etiquette

· Keep right; pass on the left: Stay close to the right side of the trail and ring a bell or call out “on your left” so the person you are about to pass knows you are passing.

· Turn the volume down: Keep your music piped through your earbuds to a level that allows you to hear a bell or someone calling out.

· Yield to trail users: If you stop, move off the trail to allow other users to pass.

· Rules of the Road: Follow road signs and traffic signals.

· Yield: Stop for cross traffic.

· Stay on the trails: Do not enter private property, wooded areas or cross through the yards of homes along the trail.

· Leash and Pick-up: Remember to pick-up and discard pet waste. All pets must be on a leash.

· No Horses: Horses are not allowed on the trails.

· No Motors: Cars, motorcycles, motor-scooters or motor-bikes are not allowed on our trails. Motorized wheelchairs are allowed on the trail.

· Keep it clean: If you bring it to the trails, take it when you leave. Never, ever litter.

About the City of Fort Wayne Greenways and Trails

The City of Fort Wayne’s Greenways program began as part of the Parks and Recreation Division. From 1975 to 2005, the Parks Division built the 20-mile Rivergreenway. In 2005, as interest grew and more residents began using the trails, the current City Greenways and Trails Department moved to the Public Works Division, a fitting move as the community’s view of trails shifted from recreation to active transportation.

The move helped the City increase its trail miles from the original 20 miles of the Rivergreenway to nearly 70 miles today. Of those 70 miles, the City designed and constructed 52 miles. An additional 18 miles were built in the City limits by the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), Allen County, Aboite New Trails, housing developers, medical facilities and universities. Three of the miles within the City limits are maintained privately.

City Greenways and Trails Director, Dawn Ritchie, has managed the trail construction projects and maintenance since 2005.