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The Lighthouse, Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Home is opening soon, and we are celebrating with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony! You are invited to join us on Saturday, July 23rd, at 10:00 AM as we celebrate what God has provided at our first Recovery Home located at 3221 McCormick Ave. Fort Wayne, IN 46803. We will be giving tours, answering questions, and giving you time to interact with our board members. Refreshments will be provided. We look forward to celebrating with you!

Hundreds of hours of work has gone into making the Life Recovery Home into what it is now. Since the home was donated to The Lighthouse A Biblical Life Recovery Center, we have been blessed by many donations and volunteers that have helped us make the home move-in-ready! Recently, having been blessed with more financial donations and awarded a few major grants from local organizations, we are now preparing for residents to take shelter and be blessed by the biblical based discipleship and counseling offered by The Lighthouse.

The Lighthouse is currently serving hundreds of individuals in our community. Our “Life Recovery Groups” are reaching those struggling in addiction with solid faith based programming. Mentors are available to walk alongside them through their struggles. Through our work, we have seen the dire need for our residential center.

This center will allow us daily access to these individuals; provide a deeper level of care, and to be able to continue the healing process. The focus of our residential center is to provide biblically based discipleship and counseling. It will also provides housing to assist in recovery by providing a stable environment for its residents, provide transitional assistance with reuniting the client with family, job placement services will be provided, and linking the individual with a solid local church for continued support.

Over 2.5 million persons sought help with their addiction in 2015. The Lighthouse stands as a biblical based alternative to secular approaches leading addicts to recovery. It is estimated that in a city with the population 258+ thousand people, such as Fort Wayne, there are thousands of people struggling with addiction, some of who you may know. With Fort Wayne on the Road to 1 million people by 2031, this issue will only get worse. According to the National Institute on Drug Addiction, illicit drugs alone costs our nation more than $193 billion in costs related to crime, lost work productivity and health care.

Society offers “hope for addiction” without Christ. This flawed approach leaves addicts feeling more confused and hopeless, often returning to their addiction. We have found that some addicts that have went through traditional counseling methods have returned to their addiction after having graduated from a program. Rarely is there any kind of follow-up care performed by the traditional counseling programs. Many times an addict leaves a program with no new skills and talents to lead them into a healthy living status in order to avoid the same environment that aided in their addictions in the first place. The Lighthouse exists to bridge this gap and provide extended care to those struggling with addiction.