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Waynedale Business Chamber Calls For Weather Siren For Residents

Members of the Waynedale Business Chamber have recently identified there is not a system in place to audibly alert a warning to potential public health, public safety and environmental/ weather-related emergencies to the citizens of Waynedale.

Every year, tornado sirens potentially save a numerous amount of people from severe injury and possibly death! Even though as a society we are becoming more and more technologically connected every day, there is a chance you may not be near an alert system, whether you are out working in the yard or out on a walk, etc. I’m certain that no one wants to be caught out of the loop if something were to occur that would warrant using a public warning signal.

Audible warning systems can be heard from up to 3/4 of a mile away from their location. Sirens blanket most residential districts throughout the city of Fort Wayne. Oddly enough, the closest warning system to Waynedale is located at 9100 Winchester Road, which is a little over 2 miles away. The furthest point in which it can be heard is on Kinnerk Road, which is approximately 1.3 miles from central Waynedale. There is also a siren located at 405 E Rudisill Blvd which is 2.83 miles from central Waynedale. Neither of which can be heard within Waynedale neighborhoods.

The Chamber has started a petition to address the need and to express to the city of Fort Wayne that this is a common concern among the citizens of Waynedale. Residents can find paper petitions at many various businesses within Waynedale, including The Waynedale News (2505 Lower Huntington Road). There is also an online petition that is located at

The petitions will remain posted until September 1st. The Chamber will then meet with the proper City of Fort Wayne officials to present them with the collected signatures and to develop an official plan-of-action to accomplish the task of installing the audible warning system within a central Waynedale location.

The Chamber also has begun fundraising to help to speed up the process for this project. The Chamber will be discussing fundraising opportunities during the next general meeting but donations will be accepted at the Waynedale News in the mean time.

The Waynedale Business Chamber is currently working on many different projects within the community. Throughout the next few years, citizens that live in and/or frequent Waynedale will continue to see improvements to the surrounding area, along with being involved with many events within the community.

About The Waynedale Business Chamber
For the improvement of the community, The Waynedale Business Chamber gives the business leaders (and the ‘Waynedale business district’) a voice to petition the city for improvements; a general members meeting time and date to discuss problems in our area, and a way to meet and greet your business neighbors. Organizing ourselves to work together is the first step to create great things!