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Scott Golden Life Coach

Scott’s training as an Expert Personal Power Coach and Certified Strategic Interventionist, has been developed through multiple avenues. The first part stems from his personal experiences, empathetic sensibility, and natural intuitive abilities for strategic thinking, and quickly identifying solutions for a rapid transformation. The other part is he received certification from the Anthony Robbins and Madanes Traning Center.

Scott connects with his clients on a nonjudgmental, intuitive, spiritual, and personal experience level. He teaches how to unlock your potential and make the quantum leap to exceptional performance. Helping clients release repetitive emotional, and behavioral cycles to change their perception, to become passionate about positive change!

He helps clients identify problems with their believe systems and subconsciousness limitations, then asks powerful questions to create a step by step action plan for positive change. Breaking things down into the most simple and manageable plans to gain clarity and lasting results.

With his entrepreneurial background he is uniquely equipped to help business owners create the “Ultimate Business Plan For Success”. Blended with his ability to quickly solve problems, identify your market, and resolve internal conflicts, client communication skills will improve, creating productive and excited employees, excelling any business to the next level of professional achievement. Unify your team and develop a powerhouse of positive energy!

Scott’s areas of expertise spans to helping people with addiction issues, suicidal, tendencies and clients with various emotional challenges. Uncovering the root cause for their addiction, and creating shifts in their mindset to lead healthier and happier lives is a skill that Scott loves to use.

Align your beliefs and activate positive creativity through learned optimism, strategic conditioning, and human needs psychology.

Northest Indiana New life Coach and motivational speaker in the area brings a new style of hope and media

TUNE IN! To a series of shows that helps people see all aspects of life from a new viewpoint. Everything from self help, to sports, and music!

Scott has over ten years of life coaching and transformation experience. This network is intended to be an outlet for interesting stories, as well as source of inspiration for people from all walks of life.

There are so many subjects which we can discussed when people talk about “perception.” Entertainment, music, the written word, all of them are shaped by the perception of the person who is experiencing life.

Sometimes circumstances will alter the perceptions as well environment and social circle.
Learn how to change your perceptions to live a happy, healthy and positive life experiences! Relationships and experiences do not have to be difficult if they are experienced through the eyes of the evolution as it pertains to that perception of the world.

Listeners are encouraged to bring their opinions and calling into the show is suggested to discuss life matters as well as interesting stories of the day.

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