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“Bees & Brew” Offers Unique Date Night For Adults

Looking for a refreshing new idea for date night? Need an excuse to get out of the house with your girlfriends and do something unique? This summer, Southwest Honey Co. of Fort Wayne hosts “Bees and Brew” to tantalize your taste buds and engage your mind.

Something for everyone; the creative, the adventurous and the curious, Bees & Brew is a “wine and canvas” for nature and DIY crafts lovers. Certainly a unique hands-on experience, each Bees & Brew is designed to engage participants and connect them with their environment through the eyes of the honey bee.

Participants will be treated to a choice of honey wine or honey beer and a sampling of local honey based hors d’oeuvres while they relax with an entertaining presentation all about honey bees and how they help us. And maybe a few “punny” bee jokes and surprises along the way! They will also have the opportunity to sample raw honey, make DIY beeswax candles (to take home) and for the adventurous, have a personal tour of the apiary and a look into active beehives.

Bees & Brew, which occurs on select dates throughout the summer and fall, has been designed by lead educator and host for the night, Megan Ryan who has her Master’s Degree in education. “Our unique event, Bees & Brew is a fun night out with an educational purpose. Honey bees are the center of this event because they have such a strong connection to our daily life, from the food we eat to the supplies we use. We have fun with bees, and we want our guests to share the same enjoyment and appreciation.”

Bees & Brew is held at the Southwest Conservation Club in Fort Wayne and registration is open to all adults 21 and older. All guests must RSVP in advance before the event. More information and registration can be found online at

About Southwest Honey Co.
We believe education is the most effective way to spread positive change, open minds, and inspire our community to appreciate the earth we live on. These programs are incredibly important to our ecosystem and shed light on the plight of the honeybees as well as educate participants on the importance of pollinators, beekeeping, and simple day-to-day conservation efforts that will support a healthy future for our world’s honeybees.

Southwest Honey Co. was founded by Alex Cornwell & Megan Ryan as an initiative to protect and conserve the bee population in Fort Wayne, Indiana. On a global level the bee population is declining and are projected extinct in North America as soon as 2035; which if left unaddressed, will drastically change the world as we know it because of all the pollinating the honey bees do for our food and food for our animals.

We exist to promote true conservation, education of the outdoors and the restoration of wildlife. From our hives we harvest local honey that is sold in support of our apiaries and mission to help the honey bee population. From our science tent, we inspire minds and promote a greater connection to our environment.