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Hoosier Steve Quinn Debuts At The LaSalle As A Jazz Vocalist

Steve Quinn performs widely, including sports events like the opening National Anthem for the Colts, corporate events, and weddings–venues where a singer is not typically asked to sing jazz. At the LaSalle he makes his Fort Wayne debut as a jazz vocalist. As a singer his credentials are undisputed. A jazz singer sings from the heart, not simply for the terms of a contract. The Fort Wayne Jazz Cabaret is regional and international in its roster of well-known jazz vocalists. Last month Artistic Director Brenda Williams selected our first true Fort Wayne jazz singer, Jamie Wise, and everyone agreed she made no mistake. It was jazz, not just jazzy. For November she has selected Steve. A cabaret singer sings in creative self-expression, not for an organizational mission or as a backup for jazz-unrelated event. Jazz singing is the most creative form of song, an expression of the unique individual. A true jazz singer artist immerses her- or himself in the vocal tradition since Louis Armstrong, and then becomes a new original in that tradition of originals.

Among types of jazz singers, Steve is a crooner. Crooners often sing from the Great American Song Book, but sometimes do contemporary songs that help bring the young to cabaret. Frank Sinatra is probably the most celebrated jazz crooner, but as Steve will show this tradition still lives. He is not an imitation of Sinatra comparable to certain lookalike Elvis. As a part of jazz, he belongs to what is America’s internationally recognized greatest contribution to the world history of music.

Performing for the local Fort Wayne Jazz Cabaret at the LaSalle located downtown, Steve Quinn will put an astonishing experience into the city for everyone who attends Saturday night. Offering the immense jazz experience to the Fort Wayne community, Steve and the Fort Wayne Jazz Cabaret are inviting everyone to come out and enjoy this experience with them Saturday, November 21st from 8:00-10:00pm. Admission is $10 and $15 for couples.

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We look forward to seeing you at the LaSalle in downtown Fort Wayne on November 21st!