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FWA Expands “True Cost Calculator” Online Price Comparison Tool

The Fort Wayne-Allen County Airport Authority has expanded its True Cost Calculator, located on the airport’s website. The True Cost Calculator allows passengers to compare their total travel costs by entering a starting zip code and quoted air fares from four airports – Fort Wayne International (FWA), Indianapolis International, Chicago O’Hare, and Dayton International. The calculator then factors the additional cost to drive to each airport in time and fuel and the cost of parking to deliver a “true” travel cost.

“Comparing airfares alone is not an accurate comparison and we wanted to give our community the ability to see exactly what their trip will cost,” said Executive Director of Airports Scott Hinderman. “This isn’t a tool to prove that FWA is the most affordable option, because it won’t always be, it’s a tool we hope will allow users to see the real costs associated with a trip – not just the airfare.”

The additional driving cost is factored using the traveler’s starting zip code and the IRS rate of $.575 per mile roundtrip. Travel time is calculated using $19.94 per hour roundtrip, which is the average wage in Indiana as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Parking rates are based on one week in the economy lots of each airport.

“While we encourage travelers to price different options, we also want to stress the importance of flying local and supporting the region’s economy,” Hinderman added. “The airport’s recent growth – in terms of facilities, nonstop flights, and passenger traffic – is the direct result of the community’s support. We hope to see that growth continue as more people choose to fly local.”

The True Cost Calculator can be found under the “For Passengers” tab at