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Waynedale Connectivity

Recent construction improvements along Lower Huntington Road brought more than an improved road for motorists. Safety improvements for pedestrians and bicyclists were part of the project—and for trail users the project brings the first connectivity to the Rivergreenway for neighborhoods in the Waynedale area.

The neighborhood improvements include a new sidewalk on the north side of Lower Huntington, from Winchester Road to the Rivergreenway. The sidewalk widens over the bridge crossing the St. Marys River and then connects to the new 8-foot wide trail ramp. (See attached photos)

Besides connecting several Waynedale neighborhoods to the Rivergreenway and Foster and Tillman Parks, the improvement offers, trail users safe access to the businesses and restaurants in the Waynedale area and connects.

In the past 10 years the number of trail miles within the City of Fort Wayne has grown from 21 to 66. Our trails are part of the 85-mile trail network that stretches throughout through the County.