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Marion Photographer, Age 88, Exhibiting Photographs At FWMoA

The Fort Wayne Museum of Art is pleased to present an exhibit of the photography of Dayne Bonta, 87, of Marion, IN. Turning 88 on September 9, the exhibit is aptly titled Dayne Bonta: Impressions at 88. The exhibit will be on display September 3 – November 22, 2015.

Photographers are compelled to illustrate what they see, an object, the color of a flower, a landscape at sunset, trees in the early morning fog. There is a desire to preserve that moment where the light is perfect and the imagery profound. They seek to capture that fleeting inspirational experience.

Dayne Bonta is that type of photographer, seeking to capture the moment when subject matter, light, color, and atmosphere blend into the sublime. He does not adhere to the concept of “pure photography,” or “straight photography” meaning to realistically recreate, without manipulation, the imagery photographed. Bonta, working in the digital medium, considers the initial photograph a tool with which to experiment.

In 1975, on a trip to the west coast, Bonta was given an introduction to the master photographer, Ansel Adams. Bonta stated that Adams was a very giving person, offering to review Bonta’s work. Adams suggested that Bonta also visit Paul Caponigro, Brett Weston, and Wynn Bullock, all renowned West coast photographers.

Mr. Bonta will be giving a gallery talk of his exhibition on October 3 at 12:15pm. The talk is free with gallery admission.

General admission to the museum is free for FWMoA members, $7 adults, $5 students and seniors 65+, and $20 for families. General admission is free for everyone on Thursdays 5-8pm. Veterans, active military personnel, and their families receive free general admission. FWMoA gallery hours are Tuesday-Saturday 10-6pm, Thursdays 10-8pm, and Sundays 12-5pm.