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Waynedale United Methodist Church Plans “Acts of Kindness”

Members of Waynedale United Methodist, 2501 Church Street, will witness to their faith on Sunday, September 6 by carrying out loving acts and service to others in the Waynedale Community and city of Fort Wayne.

Instead of having two morning services, the congregation will gather together for one worship service at 9:30 a.m. Following worship and the celebration of Communion, Pastor Ted Jansen has challenged each parishioner to pick a project that they will do to express God’s love for others.

Projects can be done individually, as a family or in a larger group. Suggestions included anonymously helping others by buying a tank of gas, leaving a server an unexpected hefty tip or purchasing groceries for someone in need. Service projects might involve helping pick up litter at the local Waynedale Park, organizing clothing for the church upcoming Freedom Day, lending an elderly neighbor a hand with yard work or walking the neighborhood collecting canned food for the food bank at Waynedale United Methodist. Visiting with church members who reside in assisted living or nursing homes or those who are homebound were also recommended.

Pastor Ted Jansen states “I want us to experience fun while we serve and make this a labor of love!”

Following the Witness Sunday, church members will be asked to anonymously report what their projects were. The church plans to repeat these acts of kindness on a regular basis.