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Waynedale Business Chamber (WBC)

In response to the heightened interest and overall need for a collective voice and a standing organization, local community advocates are forming a Waynedale Business Chamber (WBC). The chamber is open to all Waynedale business owners, commercial property owners, managers and anyone else who would like to improve the ‘Waynedale business district.’ It is free to join and plans to hold monthly members’ meetings.

Organizers of the chamber, Alex Cornwell (Waynedale News), Camille Garrison (Kingston Residence), Beulah Matczak (American Legion Post #241), Brad Campell (1st Source Bank) have envisioned this group as a way to address current problems in the community; primarily on Lower Huntington Road and Bluffton Road. Their vision for this new chamber includes encouraging local business shopping, addressing safety issues, organizing events and improving the aesthetic appeal of the corridor. The organizers say they welcome new ideas and projects outside of their initial vision.

At the first meeting the chamber voted to induct new members, designate a president (Jordan Cornwell – The Waynedale News) and secretary (Dawn Lawson – Robinson Family Eyecare), and began a committee for a Waynedale ‘corridor’/ ‘street scape’ plan.

At subsequent meetings, the chamber will address ideas for Waynedale businesses and overall community improvement. Members are encouraged to work together as a whole and in committees to accomplish the collective group’s short-term and long-term goals. Each member present at the meetings will have a voice in what the WBC works on, as well as, when and how each project is completed. All members will receive meeting minutes via email, so if they cannot make the meetings they will still be kept up-to-date of the chamber’s progress.

By creating a chamber, the organizers hope to give business leaders (and the ‘Waynedale business district’) a voice to petition the city for improvements; a general members meeting time and date to discuss problems in the area, and a way to meet and greet other business neighbors.

The organizers encourage those who are interested in the Waynedale Business Chamber to stop by The Waynedale News at 2505 Lower Huntington Road for membership packet or join them at their next meeting on Thursday, August 13 at 2pm at the Southwest Conservation Club.