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Two-EE’s Winery Shines In International Spotlight

With their first entries to the International Women’s Wine

Competition, held in Santa Rosa, California, June 23-24, four Two-EE’s wines have earned top

honors. With competitors submitting nearly 1,100 entries from as far away as New Zealand,

Chile, Italy, and South Korea, the International Women’s Wine Competition is judged entirely

by leading female figures of the wine industry from around the globe, who collectively represent

the largest purchasing power of both domestic and international wine sales – women.

Chief Judge Debra Del Fiorentino, Sommelier, CWP, CSW, stated, “This year’s competition was

the best year yet. Entries were up by 30 percent proving the world is watching this competition

because of the buying power women have within the industry. The International Women’s Wine

Competition is still judged by the best female judges within the wine industry. The judges

recognize not only the best wines submitted, but also the wines they feel would appeal most to

women wine buyers and consumers.”

Two-EE’s Winery was represented by four of their wines, Plonqe’, Diamond, Catawba, and

White Sangria. Catawba and White Sangria earned Silver awards, while Diamond earned Gold

and Best in Class, and Plonqe’ (a local favorite due to the overwhelming popularity of Plonqe’

wine slushies) won both Double Gold and Best in Class.

Owners Emily and Eric Harris are thrilled with the results. “We didn’t set out to win awards for

our wines; we only hoped to provide our customers with wines that they can share and enjoy,”

Emily says. “And regardless of awards, we remain entirely committed to producing wines that

represent the best of Indiana winemaking.”