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Redevelopment Commission To Consider Proposal To Encourage Economic Growth In City Of Fort Wayne

The Fort Wayne Redevelopment Commission will consider a proposal for the construction of a shell building near Ardmore Avenue and Airport Expressway to encourage continued economic growth in the City of Fort Wayne.

The Hagerman Group owns the land and would build the shell building, which would be flexible space that could be finished once an owner or tenant is secured.

Many businesses look for quick turnaround times when making a decision about where to locate. Having a shell building that can be quickly completed helps economic development professionals attract new businesses to the area. The City of Fort Wayne’s Community Development Division and Greater Fort Wayne Inc. work collaboratively to identify projects to enhance economic development opportunities.

The Redevelopment Commission will consider whether to reimburse Hagerman for interest on a loan taken to construct the building. The reimbursement would continue for up to five years and only as long as the building is not occupied. The Redevelopment Commission has approved similar agreements in the past, such as the shell building near Interstate 69 and Goshen Road now occupied by Nishikawa Cooper, LLC (NISCO).

The Redevelopment Commission meeting will take place at 4 p.m. Monday, July 13 in Room 030 on the Garden Level of Citizens Square, 200 E. Berry St.