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Ivy Tech Northeast Respiratory Care Program Reports 100 Percent Credential Success

The 2015 Report of Current Status for an Education Program report completed last month concerning Ivy Tech Northeast’s Respiratory Care program has found a number of successes.

Based on three-year averages,

· Students have a 100 percent success rate in passing the Certified Respiratory Therapist Credential exams

· Students have an 82 percent success in job placement immediately after graduation

· Students’ employers are100 percent satisfied with Ivy Tech Northeast graduates

· Graduates are 100 percent satisfied with the program

· Students see a 98 percent on-time graduation rate, which is defined as three years for the two-year associate degree

· Students see just a 10 percent attrition rate, or percent of students who leave the program before completion

Karrah Hughes, a recent respiratory care graduate, is currently employed at Parkview Regional Medical Center. When she graduated in spring 2015, she was interviewing for the respiratory therapist position, which she accepted two weeks later. She names Ivy Tech faculty as one of the best things about the program.

“The instructors are phenomenal,” Hughes says. “All of them were respiratory therapists themselves with many years’ experience. They know the ins and outs of the hospitals, as well as textbooks and policies.”

Hughes, currently of New Haven, commuted to her Ivy Tech Northeast classes from Mendon, Ohio.

“I am so in love with what I’m doing,” she says. “I tell everybody, it’s crazy that I have fun at work. You don’t hear about that. People say, ‘I have to go to work.’ I say, ‘I get to go to work.’”

If you would like to speak to Hughes, you can contact her at khughes81 or 419-790-9380.