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Flood Update

The water level on the St. Marys River in Fort Wayne is down more than 6 inches from where it crested at 19.83¹ yesterday afternoon.

Streets that remain closed include:

Tillman Road ­ From Lower Huntington to Calhoun Street
Fairfield Avenue ­ From Southfair Court to Lower Huntington North River Road ­ From Maysville Road to Landin Road
Winchester Road ­ From Shamrock to Airport Expressway
Berry Street ­ From Theime Drive to College Street
Geneva ­ From Henrietta St to Elyetta St
Smith Road – Covington Road to Engle Rd
Freeman Street – Portage Blvd to Covington Rd
Taylor Street ­ Freeman Street to Brooklyn Avenue
Taylor Street @ Fillmore Street
Covington Road @ Fillmore Street

While river levels are receding, Mayor Henry has asked City staff from Public Works and City Utilities to continue working through the night. Around the clock work shifts began on Tuesday as the heavy rain, that started last week,, created a rapid rise in river levels.

This week more than 50,000 sandbags were used to protect property and enhance flood levees. Nearly 400 volunteers helped with sandbagging efforts. Crews also placed 30 pumps in neighborhoods across the city and temporary clay levees were constructed in four neighborhoods as the St. Marys River hit the second highest level ever ­ according to the National Weather Service. To put that into perspective the Flood of 1982 saw the St. Marys crest at 19.66.

The highest river level on the St. Marys is 2003 when it hit 21.2.

Sand remains available to residents wanting to protect their property. Bags are provided but residents will need to bring their own shovel. The sand is available at Portage Middle School, 3521 Taylor Street, and at the Southwest Conservation Club, 5703 Bluffton Road.