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Therapy Dog Helps Raise Funds For Noble Animal Shelter

Avalon Village is presenting a donation to the Noble County Animal Shelter on Thursday.

The donation is from funds raised to support Avalon Village’s therapy dog Henry, a 10-year-old Dachshund, who competed in the Fort Wayne German Festival Weiner Dog Race.

Avalon Village residents paid $5 to sign their names to Henry’s victory t-shirt. Henry didn’t win the race, but he raised $200, including $100 donated by his handler, Avalon Village physical therapist Paul Dapp and his wife, Michelle.

Henry is popular among Avalon Village residents. His friendly, loving demeanor keeps him in high demand at the nursing community operated by American Senior Communities.

Therapy dogs bring comfort and affection to people, especially in confined situations. Research has shown that therapy animals improve a patient’s emotional and social state, which helps the patient do better in treatment and recovery. There are also physical benefits, including decreased blood pressure, heart rate and an increase in beneficial hormones.