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Lutheran Children¹s Hospital reveals plans for remodel emphasizing family-centered care

Lutheran Children’s Hospital reveals plans for 16,000-square-foot remodel emphasizing family-centered care

Project makes pediatric specialized and general care easier to navigate

Lutheran Children’s Hospital officials announced today that demolition begins this week on a $4 million renovation project spanning nearly 16,000-square-feet on Lutheran Hospital’s third floor. The project involves bringing all inpatient pediatric services to the same floor, including the pediatric intensive care unit. This transformation will allow for all private patient rooms, a secured, single entry point to the LCH inpatient floor, and new family resource and conference centers.

“We’re ecstatic about this upgrade for Lutheran Children’s Hospital,” said Brian Bauer, CEO, Lutheran Hospital and Lutheran Health Network. “Lutheran Children’s Hospital has more pediatric subspecialists than any hospital in the area. High-quality care can be found close to home which makes travel less burdensome on families. The purpose of this project is to streamline staff efficiency, enhance family-friendly experiences and to provide added privacy.”

One of the most beneficial changes involves relocating the pediatric intensive care unit from Lutheran’s second to third floor, bringing all inpatient services together. Eight pediatric ICU beds will co-locate with 12 additional private, pediatric inpatient beds without losing total capacity.

Third floor enhancements will include an additional unit-based playroom to separate populations like hematology/oncology patients to better manage infection control concerns.

Another development in the renovation involves a dedicated family resource center to improve the family support environment. It will include a waiting room, lounge and kitchenette, as well as a resource library with access to computers for personal use and research.

“We take pride in our focus of making the family part of the healthcare team,” said Krista Peak, executive director, Lutheran Children’s Hospital. “Parents and family members are a child’s main source of strength and support. We engaged family members, nursing staff and physicians, using Lean principles and methodologies, to provide input as we planned this project.”

One of the most visible changes will be accessing Lutheran Children’s Hospital via a grand entrance just off the elevators. This space will have an information desk, including waiting area and a

LCH renovation announcement, p. 2

dedicated, secured entrance for Lutheran Children’s Hospital. A singular, secure entrance creates efficiency for all four LCH inpatient units on the third floor, including a new infant/child security system.

Besides the family resource center, a newly-created LCH conference center for regional clinical education and unit-based parent education will be added.

Other upgrades include pediatric-friendly monitors, new equipment, nurse stations, furniture, flooring, lighting and wall design.