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Frank Allen Live! at Artworks the Galleria of Fine Art

Artworks the Galleria of Fine Art is pleased to once again host “LIVE!”an event featuring an on-site creative demonstration by artist Frank Louis Allen. Frank will be wowing viewers with his intricate, free-flowing abstract marker illustrations. He rarely has a plan for what he createshis hand traveling across the paper totally uninhibited, lines flowing freely from his pens to the surface. He is quick, confident, and intensely focused. Strengths Frank believes are unique to his autism.

Around the world people with autism are responsible for outstanding creative achievements in dance, music, acting, writingand art. Frank Louis Allen, from Bedfordshire England, began his own journey into the art world purely by accident, literally. During his recovery from a serious back injury in 2011, Frank started to draw. And draw, and draw. It was then that he discovered his hidden talent and hasn’t stopped since. A prolific abstract illustrator, Frank draws on paper, walls, guitars, skateboardsyou name it. His work has been published in books and shown in Times Square New York as part of a worldwide art competition.

“When I finally received the diagnosis, I felt blessed and relieved. It meant that I wasn’t crazy or psychoticor alone. Knowing why I have troubles and awkwardness in certain situations doesn’t always help others to understand me, but ultimately it’s an issue with them, and it no longer has the power to bring me down” states Allen. “Receiving the diagnosis has been a liberating experience and has given me confidence.”