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Skype For Funeral Service – D.O. McComb & Sons

“Today, millions of people across the globe are using the Internet. With families and friends widely dispersed all over the world, arranging for unexpected travel can be extremely difficult and expensive. The ability to view and participate in a loved one’s memorial services live and share one’s feelings with family via Skype is convenient and extremely cost effective,” states D.O. McComb & Sons Funeral Home co-owner Dave McComb.

“We are pleased to offer live Skype of funeral services. Family and friends can now participate in honoring a loved one long distance via the internet.” Through video conferencing technology, they can now participate in the service long distance.
This Friday from 4:00 – 8:00 pm, a family member from Melbourne, Australia is participating in visitation services being held at our Pine Valley Funeral Home located at 1320 East Dupont Road.

This innovative technology is also a unique way we can serve those of various beliefs. In accordance, with some faiths, burial and services must be within 24 hours of death which makes it very difficult for those out-of-town to pay their respects. Now through video conferencing, they can.

We are also offering free funeral service video casting for military personnel stationed away from home. Often it is impossible for those serving our country to make it home to attend or participate in services honoring loved ones. “We feel this is a small token of gratitude that D.O. McComb and Sons can offer those protecting and serving our country”, states Doug McComb, co-owner. “Giving back and serving our community is a long standing tradition for our family and one we plan to continue.”

D.O. McComb and Sons Funeral Homes is a 4th generation family-owned funeral home. For more information contact Dave McComb at (260) 426-9494 or