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Franciscan Center Annual Turkey Tuesday

Fort Wayne The Franciscan Center announces today that it expects to provide over 1,650 turkeys and hams to clients on its annual “Turkey Tuesday”, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving that its Food Pantry is open.

“Our largest usage day for our Food Pantry is always the Tuesday before Thanksgiving,” explains Tony Ley, executive director of The Franciscan Center, “while we may average 450 families a week during the year, based upon experience we fully expect to more than quadruple that number on one day. Men, women and children will line up around the building at 4:30 a.m. even though we do not start serving until 9:00 a.m.” This year, clients have been receiving turkey/ham vouchers throughout the month to ensure an orderly distribution on Tuesday.

As in previous years, The Franciscan Center relies completely on donations to provide the turkeys and hams it distributes to its clients. “We are truly blessed by the community,” adds Tony, “We always manage to have enough to distribute to every family thanks to community donations.”

This year, the Franciscan Center is partnering with Walgreens to provide flu shots for 300 of their clients on Turkey Tuesday. “We love partnerships,” explains Ley, “and we are very grateful to the management of Walgreens for helping improve the health of and well-being of our clients and our community.”

Those still wanting to help with Turkey Tuesday can donate $13 for every turkey or ham to help with the costs associated with transporting and storing the turkeys and hams, as well as the cost to process so many clients on one day. Contact the Franciscan, write on your check or note on your online donation that the funds are earmarked for “Turkey Tuesday”, or go to their website at <; to make an online donation. “We also encourage businesses, service groups, and classrooms to consider a ‘Turkey Tuesday Drive’ next year. We can provide everything you need from marketing materials to pick up services,” adds Ley.

For more information please contact Tony Ley at 260-710-3985.

The Franciscan Center, founded in 1989, runs a Food Pantry, Medicine Cabinet, and Sack Lunch program on the south side of Fort Wayne with over 80,000 client visits in 2012 and an expected growth of 17% a year. The Center also recently opened its first thrift store, the Franciscan Center Family Thrift Store, at 925 Coliseum Boulevard between Clinton and Parnell. Please contact The Franciscan Center at 744-3977 for more information or visit their website at

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