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Sewer Lining/Lane Restrictions

Fort Wayne, Ind.– Over the next several weeks City Utilities will be working to extend the life of sewers in the downtown area using a process called cured in place pipe (CIPP).

The process is less costly than a pipe replacement and is an investment that will extend the life of the pipe more than 50 years.

The polypropylene plastic liner is inverted into the pipe through a manhole. Once sections of the pipe are lined a heater truck will pump hot water through the lining to harden it to a strength that is stronger than the host pipe.

The linings will be inserted in to brick sewer pipes built in the 1860’s on Clinton and Calhoun Street. Contractor, Insitusform, will perform the work for City Utilities.

Over the next two weeks, work on Clinton will cause lane restrictions between Freimann Square and Jefferson Boulevard. The pipe is under the first and second lane on the far eastside of Clinton and because the process raises the manholes out of the street, both lanes will be closed for safety reasons. Because the work is underground, motorists will not see where the work is taking place but the safety precautions are necessary.

Next month the process will be performed on a brick sewer pipe on Calhoun Street.

During the process residents may notice a plastic type odor that is non-carcinogenic.

Since 1998, City Utilities has lined 134 miles of combined or sanitary sewers using this process.