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Employees of the Hoosier National Forest are happy to be returning to work

BEDFORD, IN – Employees of the Hoosier National Forest are happy to be returning to work. Forest Supervisor Melany Glossa reported that all offices and facilities on the Hoosier will be open and functioning Friday, October 18. “The offices in Bedford and Tell City will open Friday morning at 8 AM, local time and employees will be returning for duty” said Glossa.

The offices and Forest facilities have been shut down due to a lapse in Federal funding since October 1, 2013. Glossa, Forest Supervisor of the Hoosier, said “The employees are ready to come back, some returned on Thursday, but officially that have 24 hours to return.” Glossa added, “Things should be returned to normal by Monday.”

Campgrounds operated by concessionaires generally close on October 15, though this year they closed slightly earlier due to the government shut down. Other activities that occur on the Forest will resume their normal schedule. Judi Perez, Forest Public Affairs Officer, stated that “Smokey Bear has to reschedule a lot of school visits that had to be postponed.”

Forest Supervisor Glossa wants to thank all visitors, contractors, and users of the Hoosier for their patience during the shutdown. “A lot of people use the Hoosier for hiking, hunting, horseback riding, and leaf watching at this time of year. Contracts were closed and contractors were told not to work. We appreciate all their patience and understanding during the past 16 days. The people we live and work with are fantastic. We all look forward to getting back to business.”